Heat pumps and air conditioners by VIVAX

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Vivax air conditioners  are known as top quality equipment. In addition to a design that fits into any modern space, they have the latest technology. To ensure improved functionality and from the point of view of environmental protection, they are one of the most economical air conditioners on the market. Vivax air conditioners can be controlled with your smartphone even when you are away from them.
Pleasant and clean air is the first condition to feel comfortable in any room. Noise level is extremely important, and Vivax air conditioners contribute to ultra-quiet operation of cooling and heating thanks to the latest technological advances.

Why heat pumps?

Heat pumps use free thermal energy from the environment by exploiting temperature differences.  The energy sources can be soil, water or outside air, depending on the type of system, so heat pumps are an environmentally sustainable way of heating. 

Air – Water

VIVAX heat pumps are systems that work on the air-water principle. This design does not require access to groundwater, nor the use of large areas of land for installation.

When choosing the optimal solution, it is important to consider the working range of the device in relation to the external temperature, which for VIVAX devices varies from -25°C to +43°C.

VIVAX offers a range of systems in monobloc and split variants, with a capacity of 4.0 kW – 30.00 kW. All devices use environmentally friendly refrigerant gas R32.

Split system

The SPLIT SYSTEM of the heat pump consists of an outdoor and an indoor unit. The heating and hot water connection for the household is connected to the indoor unit, or hydromodule.

Monoblock system

MONOBLOK SYSTEM consists of one device in which a hydromodule is integrated, and it is installed outside the household.


WIFI control via mobile application

Touch control

Built-in temperature sensor


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